Madhubani Painting

Maharani's festive arrivals include authentic Madhubani painting collection, including Sarees, Salwar Suits and Lehengas. Madhubani painting, also known as Madhubani art, is an ancient folk art form of the Mithila region of the state of Bihar in India. Madhubani painting is done by hand, mostly in small villages by local artists who learn the art from their parents and this tradition has been in place for almost 3000 years. 

Madhubani painting is done using natural dyes and pigments and generally depict stories from Ramayana and other ancient text. The art is based on geometric shapes and the marvel of hand-draw  symmetry is just mind blowing. All painting is done using fingers, twigs or match-sticks, very rarely any paintbrush is used, and never any automation like digital printing.

It is said that Madhubani painting began when King Janak of Mithila requested artists in his kingdom to capture his daughter Sita's wedding with Ram as paintings that can tell the story for generations. This art form has not changed much over the many thousand years since and the tradition continues.

Madhubani painting on Tussar Silk

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